Is the future of our periods in patches and devices?

So you may of heard of sanitary towels and tampons but what about patches or devices that can block period pain? Here we look at two products that have caught our eye and that you should know about.

1. GoPatch

GoPatch, a company based in the US, have created a patch that can be placed on your navel to help ease the pain of menstrual cramps. It claims to provide relief from both PMS (premenstrual syndrome) cramps and period cramps. It is said to have no side effects and to be applied as soon as discomfort is felt or even an hour before pain is expected, for those who liked to be prepared! The patches retail at $19.95. Get yours here.

GoPatch Homeopathic Relief  
Menstrual Cramps Patch - 5 Pack

Picture taken from GoPatch site

2. Livia

Livia, is another drug-free alternative that could help subside cramp pains you may be experiencing. Known as the ‘off-switch’ for menstrual pain, Livia, is a small device that you can clip on to your clothes, which is attached to patches which are placed on your lower abdomen. It uses unique pulses to block the pain and again claims to have no side-effects. However you may want to ask for it as a birthday, Christmas or new year’s gift as it retails at £143, no including the patches you have to buy separately. Find out more information here.

Image result for livia

Picture courtesy of


If you’ve already tried these products or would like us to review them, do let us know!

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